Posted by: iccwc | May 16, 2007

News Round Up: Jose’s in Strife, Neil’s on the Dole, and Joey’s in Jail…

Who said that nothing happens once the season is over?

Firstly everyone’s favourite ‘most hated manager’, Neil Warnock has given up the whinging for the forseeable future. He officially resigned his post at Sheffield United today during an 11am press conference. Using traditional footballing cliches he said absolutely nothing interesting regarding his decision:

“I believe that this is the right time for me to go, “I’m proud of what I have achieved at this club, but the decision is best for everyone.”

Go on Neil, enlighten us expectant football fans further?

“I am still enthusiastic about managing, am experienced enough to make a fresh start elsewhere and I will relish an opportunity to continue managing for a few more years.

“It’ll be strange taking over another club, but it’ll be great for me to start again.

I’d love to get back into the Premiership in the near future.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but all that says is thanks for the good (well, average) times Sheffield, but to be honest I’m hoping that Man City offer me double what you were offering me.

There might be a few on the Citeh board who wouldn’t want a moaning, miserable, caustic, inflamatory and ultimately

expensive man like Warnock to go anywhere near the M60 but then again the moaning, miserable, caustic, inflamatory and ultimately expensive squad at Man Citeh need their attitudes and egos challenged and Warnock is the sort of manager that could draw out of them what Pierce never could…


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