Posted by: iccwc | May 16, 2007

News Round Up: Jose’s in Strife, Neil’s on the Dole, and Joey’s in Jail

In slightly sadder news, General Joseph Barton II, killer of armies, lover of women has been officially arrested as part of the investigation into his alleged assault on Citeh’s Ousmane Dabo on the first of May.

It’s another incident which is quickly categorising Barton as the most villified player in the Premiership following a sequence of bust-ups and allegations in his (relatively short) career.

September 2006 – Mooning at the Everton Crowd – Fined by FA.

March 2007 – Arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage.

December 2005 – Fined a club record £120,000 for stubbing out a Cuban Cigar in Jamie Tandy’s eye whilst dressed as Jimmy Saville during a Christmas party ‘incident’… Ahem – I believe this was the same Christmas that Bernt Haas nearly died from Alcohol poisioning at the West Brom party… Must have been snowing up north.

Barton is seen by many as the poisoned chalice of footballers, and the current £5.5million price tag that would release him from his contract at Citeh is seeming increasingly expensive. Everton are said to be in the hunt for him, but then again that’s not saying much.


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