Posted by: iccwc | May 16, 2007

News Round Up: Jose’s in Strife, Neil’s on the Dole, and Joey’s in Jail…

Jose Mourinho was involved in a fight for a dog last night as police were called to his house. On first inspection you’d think that he’d had a night on the tiles with Rio and Kieron, but in fact the kerfuffle happened after police arrived at his 3 billion london pad with riot police and water cannons(I’m trying to make this blog more tabloid) and attempted to put his dog in quarantine.

As far as can be understood – There were no translators of ‘smooth’ in the locale – Jose’s animal has been travelling abroad illegally without having the necessary jabs needed to keep it rabies free.

The dog was subsequently seized under the Animal Health Act of 1981 and Rabies Order Act of 1974. The resulting melee, not disimilat to a normal Saturday kick-around for Jose, led to a ‘man’ being arrestes on suspicion of obstructing police work. The man in question hasn’t been named by police, but they released a description of the man saying:

“A 44 year old male with silver in his hair and a glint in his eye, with an oddly Russian sounding accent was arrested in Soho (not 100% about location as yet) last night.”

Below is Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to the news that he must return to Portugal immediately to have his own Rabies jabs updated:


The Case continues….


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